When we envisioned Grub Runner Delivery, our goal was to create something beneficial to our communities. All of Grub Runner management are former emergency services so we understand the importance of fundraising. Naturally that was one of our top priorities with Grub Runner. Let's take a look at hour our fundraisers work.+

Fundraiser Types

  • Roundup For Charity
  • Checkout Donations
  • Customer Referral Rewards
  • Restaurant Referral Rewards

Round Up For Charity
This fundraiser runs across all of our locations (cities). This fundraiser is designed for large benefits such as Children's Hospital, Shriners, Feed The Hungry etc. When a customer checks out, our system rounds up to the nearest dollar. That money is then set aside on behalf of that charity. Once the roundup event is complete then we distribute those funds to that charity of choice.

Checkout Donations
This fundraiser is done at customer checkout. Once the customer reaches the checkout page, a popup will display your fundraiser and will have selected donation amounts from which the customer can select. These can be anywhere from $1 to $50 and runs in one city or location at a time. Funds are set aside and distributed at a specified time.

Customer Referrals Rewards
This fund raiser is a hands on approach. Flyers or cards are printed out with your custom created code on them. You can hand these out at ball games, social gatherings, churches etc. When a customer uses your code and purchases $25 or more on our system, you will receive 10 to 15 percent of that purchase. So if a customer orders $45 in food then your organization will receive $4.50 to $6.75 for that order. This fundraiser is a great partnership because it generates awareness and benefits both sides. These can be done per city or per restaurant. So if you get a restaurant to work with you on this event, they get great advertisement and PR points.

Restaurant Referrals
These work a bit different. The restaurant referral program pays out a larger amount but takes a bit more time. If your organization refers a restaurant that completes 100 orders with us or reaches a minimum of $2500 in food sales then you will earn a minimum $250 for that referral, or higher depending on volume. These are tailored and our staff will go over everything with you during setup. These can also be set as a percentage of each sale for a specified time frame.

Getting Started

When you are ready to get started simply fill out our form linked below and a staff member will reach out to you. Our fundraisers require that your organization be a listed 501(c)(3). If your cause if not a 501(c)(3) then we will discuss what options may be available. We suggest the "Checkout donations" and "customer referral rewards" for localized charities. This allows your organizations the ability to focus efforts in your town, city or county.