My Grub Runner is a locally owned small business with BIG technology. We are based in Morgan County Tennessee. We currently serve Scott and Anderson counties. We worked for two years just to get the technology in place. Our system functions much the same as the big boys like Doordash, Uber Eats and Grub Hub. Our goal was to create a delivery service that is friendly, easy to work with and responsive to customer issues.

Owned and operated by father & sons we take pride in what we do. We always hated the call centers with big corporate delivery services. At My Grub Runner you will never speak to someone outside of our company. Our customer support and our dispatchers work for us. When ever there is an issue you can rest assured the business owners are always tagged in any communication and response.

Our Company Mission

  • Rock solid service with a smile.
  • Fast, friendly delivery from drivers you can trust.
  • Growing local economy.
  • Giving back to community.

Our mission is to offer rock solid services with a friendly smile. Being local are are not just about business, we are about forming relationships with customers and restaurants. We are the guys next door so you are always dealing with someone on your level. There is nothing worse than dealing with big corporate officials who do not have your interests in mind.

Our drivers are people we know. We actually meet with all of our drivers, get to know them and we maintain a close working relationship with them. This results in happy drivers who are willing to go above and beyond for the customer. Our drivers always communicate any issues directly with dispatch and we all work together to ensure a smooth delivery process for you.

Local economy is important. It is the life blood of our communities and driving that economy is important. With big corporate delivery services, all the money goes to their communities, not ours. At My Grub Runner, we keep it local. We serve local people, employ local people and our dollars are spent here supporting local business.

Giving back is the right thing to do. As we grow and establish a solid customer following, we want to offer something back to the community. We can do this by offering customer rewards for every purchase. Those rewards can be redeemed for free deliveries, food discounts, gift cards or even cashed in for $$$ in hand.

But we can do more. With your support we move one step closer to helping local charities like the homeless, the women's shelter, feed the children or elderly programs. Why support another company that never donates to local charity? Why give your money to a company that does not care about our much needed local resources? Make your purchases with My Grub Runner and help support OUR communities.

We thank you for being a loyal customer and we wish for you to know that without you we are nothing! YOU are appreciated!

Contacting Us

Grub Runner, LLC
711 Back Petros Rd.
Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Dispatch & Support